Three Things That Should Be Discussed At Company Induction Programs

Starting a new job is exciting. On that first day of work, people are full of expectations and positive energy. They come into the company hoping to give it their best and also to reap the benefits of their efforts. As HR personnel, we know that job is not only doing a set of tasks and collecting a pay check at the end of the day. It is, and can be, much more than that. It becomes a part of your lifestyle and once that happens, people begin to give it their best. People say that first impressions are what count the most. Similarly, the first impression that a person gets of a company lasts with him until he leaves. As far as first impressions go, the induction program is a place where first impressions are made. Here are some important things that should be definitely discussed in any induction program.
Development planNo employee wants to remain where is at the end of a few years. Every employee would like to be promoted, given more responsibility and recognition. You need to show them this during your induction program, regardless of which grade the employee is hired into. This will act as a motivation to your employees and will help them to stay focused on their work goals. If you don’t have any succession planning strategies in your organization, it is time that you made some. Get together with your HR people and ensure that your company has plans and clear career paths for all your employees.
OpportunitiesIn addition to showing off your succession planning strategies you should also talk about the opportunities that your employees will get while working in your company. These opportunities can be a variety of things such as trainings, pension schemes, allowances and other fringe benefits. In addition to the opportunities that the employee will get within the company, you should also talk about the opportunities that he or she will get outside the company if they do the kind of work done at the company. If, for example, you are a project management company, and train your employees in project management, let them know that they will have the skills to work as a project manager in any sector.
CommunicationCommunication is something that should definitely be talked about at an induction program. Many issues are faced by organizations due to poor communication skills of its employees. So talk to the newest fish in your pond about good communication. If your company has a defined communication policy, make sure that it is discussed at the induction program. Discuss more at farm succession planning in Australia