Ditch The Hotel – It’s Time For Apartments!

When you hear the word vacation, the ideas that might spring up in your head can vary from beaches to mountains, but each and every one of us is also bound to associate the word hotel with vacations. However, hotels are not the only lodgings you can find while on vacation, you also have the options of going for hostels, homestays, religious establishments… the list goes on. Be it as it may, you can actually find an option that is quickly becoming popular from these alternatives – service apartments.

Service apartments are essentially apartments that provide accommodations for shorter stays which can range from a few days to months. They include most of the amenities you find in hotels, and are often a much cheaper choice than the latter. Below are some of the greatest perks of staying in a service apartment:
•    Costs and other expenses – renting a service apartment, as has been mentioned above, is a much cheaper option than booking a hotel. In fact, the longer the stay at the apartment, the more you are guaranteed to save on – for example accommodation Port Melbourne at these apartments is guaranteed to give you an extremely cheap and affordable rate. Furthermore, you can also save on another significant expense – food.

•    Size – service apartments are basically apartments – they come with kitchens and living rooms. These common rooms are not going to be there in any hotel room, so this is another attractive advantage service apartments have over hotels. Families will especially prefer apartments due to this single point – children are picky eaters and prefer to have larger space than the cramped hotel rooms; as such, the presence of a kitchen and extra space will be greatly appreciated by parents and children alike.

•    Amenities – apartments have amenities that you won’t easily find in hotels, such as satellite television, internet, etc., as well as the kitchen and laundry facilities. Kitchens are ideal to cater to picky eaters as has been mentioned above, and the presence of a washing machine can help you keep your luggage light (as you won’t need to pack a lot of clothes).

•    Services – beware however, that you won’t find services such as daily cleaning at a service apartment. Certain apartments might even ask you to clean the apartment by yourself (they will give you the cleaning tools, of course); others might send a maid once or a few times per week to attend to basic cleaning chores. Furthermore, most service apartments also don’t have staff to attend to your needs around the clock, and you might not find attendants like concierges or receptionists willing to show you around the locale. To know more about 2 bedroom accommodation Melbourne CBD, visit https://www.melbourne-corporate-apartments.com.au/