What To Consider When Buying Caravan Fridges

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Caravans are homes away from home. Therefore, they need to be as close to a typical home in terms of convenience and comfort levels. Since most homeowners believe in owning a fridge, for the convenience and functionality that it provides, installing the same in a caravan would be a wise move. This is why the demand for caravan fridges in Australia has shot up quite considerably. What is more, most caravans come fitted with the fridges straight from the manufacturing plant. On the other hand, most fridges last a fraction of the life of the caravan. This is why choosing a fridge for the caravan, if the vehicle came without one, requires a lot of research and careful planning.

When buying the fridge, look at its power type. A caravan would be fitted with either absorptionor a compressor fridge. These two are the most common types of fridges found in caravans. The absorption fridge does not have a compressor. The absorption fridge is fitted with a cooler in the form of evaporating ammonia. Both the compressor and absorption fridges can run on 240V electrical supply, or a 12v battery power system. Absorption fridges are capable of running on gas supply alone. Compressor fridges are ideal for caravan owners who desire to save some money because they need very little power to run once the recreational vehicle is switched on.

The size of the fridge is equally important consideration. A good rule of thumb is to choose a smaller fridge, but only if it is able to meet all the food storage needs and not use too much power. A small fridge, as stated above, needs a tiny amount of power to run. If the fridge appears too small, supplement the storage needs with a cooler. Alternatively, consider buying a cooler if the fridges in the market are too large for the caravan. Moreover, with a smaller fridge, movement is not such a big issue. If the small fridge needs to be taken out of the caravan, the process would be much easier than would have been the case with a much larger fridge.

Check the fridge’s efficiency ratings. This decision should be based on the fridge’s insulation and ventilation. An efficient fridge is one fitted with the appropriate insulation and ventilation. Some fridges are notorious for not having the proper insulation. It would be best to avoid such fridges. The size of the fridge also has a direct impact on its efficiency levels. Moreover, carrying the much larger fridge right up the caravan steps could be such a gargantuan task. While checking the fridge’s efficiency, do not forget to consider the ease of operating it. Look for fridges that are convenient to use.

Therefore, the above statements indicate that choosing the right type of fridge for a caravan is not rocket science. Start by checking the power type and choose the one that the caravan would offer with ease. Next, consider the caravan’s size and choose an appropriately sized fridge. When it comes to fridges for the caravan, small is always good. Do not invest in the fridge until the condition of the caravan parts have been taken through proper testing to evaluate their safety and efficiency too. The fridge’s efficiency is another very important factor worth considering. Choose silent fridges, and in this regard, absorption fridges are the most silent. Check out more about caravan accessories in Australia.